Sunday, April 25, 2010

Learning some lessons

For our son J's fifth birthday we decided to surpirse our three oldest kids with a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge. We had never been and thought it would be a nice little getaway - plus they offer a law enforcement discount so we couldn't say no! If you have one in your area and you haven't gone yet, GO! We all really enjoyed ourselves and will most certainly be going back.
While there I learned quite a few life lessons; such as 24 oz. of canned beer is 24 oz. too many; pay the extra 28 cents for the bottle. Or never buy food from a restaraunt at a resort unless I like the feeling of being totally taken advantage of. Or puppets that pop out of stumps are as creepy to adults as they are to children. I kept making a mental list of each lesson I was taught and really couldn't wait to get home and jot them all down. You, of course, will get to be the beneficiary's of my great wisdom, although I only am sharing a few, which is probably a greater benefit to you than if I shared them all.

Please to enjoy ...

Secrets of Life
as taught to me by my stay at the Great Wolf Lodge
by Mama Hen

Secret: My middle children are cautious.
Life Lesson Learned: Spend a little bit of money on a small trip before spending a lot of money on a larger trip. Thankfully we were able to take our children to this fabulous resort for not so much money. We learned that our middle two children are weenies fearful cautious and are perfectly content spending hour upon hour in six inches of water and avoiding any form of slide, even if it is only 18 inches off the ground. I'm glad we didn't spring for the $3000 Disneyland trip quite yet.

Secret: Not all tattoos are created equal.
Life Lesson Learned: Maybe tattos aren't as cool as I always thought they were.

Secret: White bathing suits are a not a good idea. Ever. The End.
Life Lesson Learned: I like when there's a little left to the imagination.

Secret: Apparently not everyone agrees with my definition of "bikini ready body".
Life Lesson: I guess not everyone feels the need to have a flat stomach when they put on a bikini. Or that they should shave their upper thighs ... or, um, other areas that are generally considered "bikini ready". But they should ... they really really should. Not everyone should wear a bikini. They really really shouldn't. And hey, I've had four kids. I don't live under any illusion that I should be excluded from this category.

Secret: Some women have beards. And moustaches.
Life Lesson: I will age gracefully. If that means electrolosis, waxing and shaving ... even my face ... then so be it. And if for some crazy reason I forget that women shouldn't have facial hair, I hope my friends (and husband) will remind me.

Secret: Teenagers are the same now as they were 10 (ok ... 15) years ago when I was one.
Life Lesson: Teenage lifeguards are really good at checking out other teenagers in bathing suits, checking the pool for dead bodies and saying 'go' when it is safe to take your turn down a waterslide. Teenage lifeguards are not so good at watching for children who are drowning but not quite dead yet, hiding their disgust over hairy chests and making sure children don't pummel each other in the kiddie pool. Therefore, I will play the over protective Mother part well and keep an eye on my own kids, thank you very much. Besides, it feels good to be the first face your daughter sees when you save her from certain drowning in a wave pool. (...and back to the kiddie pool we go...)

Secret: White wife beater tank tops don't cover very much. Ew.
Life Lesson: Ok, no life lesson here. Just a basic truth. Don't wear wife beaters. Especially if you plan on getting them wet. The end.

Not So Secret: My husband values his family.
Life Lesson: Don't take him for granted. My husband is proud of his children ... and he's proud of me. He's willing to sit on a stationary jet ski for six hours just so his little girl will be happy and his middle son can have someone to shoot water at. He's willing to let a bucket holding 1000 gallons water dump over his head so that his oldest son can see it really isn't "that bad". He's willing to drive to Dairy Queen and get his wife a peanut buster parfait because "it's needed." He gives me all sorts of warm fuzzies and it is so important that I let him know how much that means to me.

Normal kids. Right?


  1. Sounds like you really did have a good time! I looked into going there since I hear the commercials all the time for it on the radio. Is it really only a kid/family place or do you think it'd be fun for Chancho and I to go? Hard to get a feeling from the website.

    I loved your life lessons! I couldn't agree more with you on the whole bikini one! I always wonder if they look in a mirror before they step out.

  2. So very cute!!! Life lessons . . . so funny!!!
    I am so glad you guys had fun. We have one of the lodges here in NC (not too far from us). I have not visited there yet ... my kids are way too old now. Hopefully I will be able to visit with my grands when they get here.

  3. TM: You would probably have fun with just you and Chancho but it is definitely geared toward children and families. Although they have a Starbucks and a spa and restaraunts and all that, plus the slides are really fun and the lines weren't too bad. The code for the LE discount is HEROES and Chancho would just have to show his commission card (or whatever your state uses) when you check in.
    Bren: Take the grands when you can! Once they hit 12-18 months they would be able to play and LOVE it!

  4. OMG! Loved this post! Funny and cute! Your pic of the kids is priceless, too. Good one! Sounded like a great adventure.

  5. That was too funny! I loved everyone of of your lessons, especially the hubby sitting on a motionless waterski for hours! What a guy!

    The picture is adorable! Now I totally want to go to a waterpark with my kiddos!

  6. Oh Gen, I saw what you saw. This was a great play by play for laughs
    and a reminder to take care of a few things. :) Love the family love and making memories.

  7. Momma Fargo: It was a great adventure! The kids are asking when we can go back. It has been the highlight of their lives ... not sure if that is awesome or pathetic. :o)
    Cop Mama: The Great Wolf waterparks are amazing! Small enough the kids can't really get lost but big enough that there's lots of options.
    Kathleen: The family love is what it's all about, right?!


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