Monday, June 14, 2010

Before ... and ... After!

My apologies to anyone reading this who doesn't know me and has never been to my house. Since you never knew/saw the "Before" you probably won't care much about the "After". I, however, am over the moon excited about the "After" and so ... I share.

Say, does this butt make me look fat?
(*Side note...this was taken at my surprise 30th birthday party...hence the pink wings. Although I would love to wear pink wings from the Dollar Tree every day of my life. Not.)

To all my friends and family who said I looked just fine - liars - thank you for being nice to me and sparing my feelings. Don't ever, never let me get that fat again.

I honestly don't feel like sharing an "after" picture of my butt. I will say that those jeans I'm wearing in the above picture, I gave to my friend who just had a baby. Either I was really fat or my friend is losing her baby weight at an incredible rate. Perhaps both? Regardless, 23 pounds later, two pants sizes smaller, and I'm feeling much healthier and less ... plumpish. Thank you Jillian Michaels and My Fitness Pal. You saved me from a lifetime of pictures that I am embarrassed to be a part of.

Now onto the really truly very exciting Before and After's. The kitchen!! Although we aren't quite finished, it's basically done. All that is left is some finish work (trim, cabinet knobs, etc.) and I am thrilled to have construction finally coming to a halt.
Again, more apologies as I over-share our journey.

S and B, helping Dad clean out the shed to make room for all our other, treasures.

The "Before" in the hallway.

The "Before" for the play room.

"Before" the demo, but "After" we cleaned up a bit!

My laundry room "Before". In the kitchen. And overcrowded. I am organizationally challenged.

This is my dear sweet Father in Law. I love this picture because it captures completely the confusion he and Officer Hottie felt every time they opened a wall. I believe a good caption would be ... "Wha....???"

Sadly, this is my refridgerator "Before". Ugh. Double ugg. UGG!

The wall. "Before" Have I mentioned that I am organizationally challenged?

With a little bit of help...

My hallway now looks like this.

Still a messy fridge but at least it's out of the way and I now have a pantry right next to it! (Sorry for the lighting issues...I was too excited to post these to take the time to edit.)

The view from the dining room.

The view from the hallway.

The view from the sink. Haha! My poor kids can't get away with anything now! I can see it ALL!! Mua-haha!

Some of my new favorite features are...

This prep table that OH put together for me. I love that handy man of mine.

This little spice rack. There are a few "S" hooks that we have and I am hanging my measuring cups and spoons from them. How handy!

Under cabinet lighting. Right above the prep table. LOVE IT.

So, that's it. My "Before" and "After" post. If you are still reading you should eat a bowl of ice cream. You've earned it.


  1. Genesis! I love, love, love it! It looks so amazing, I'm super jealous. I hope you are enjoying it!

  2. YEAH!!!!! That is AWESOME!!!! I'm soooo excited for you!!!! Oh. And I think you need a pretzel. :)

  3. Gen its AWESOME!!!! Lots of room for baking on all that lovely butcher block... we'll have to have a pretzel making day sometime soon. And wow that was so fun to write because I CAN COME SEE YOU BECAUSE I WILL LIVE THERE AGAIN.... wooooooohooooooo!

  4. Wow! I need to come over and see it in person!!! You're butt, not the kitchen. ;)

  5. Marc - You know I'm enjoying it! I LOVE IT!
    Katie - You're right. I totally need a pretzel. ASAP.
    Melissa - YES!!!! I cannot wait!! Pretzel partay is ON.
    Bree - My butt loves compliments. Just sayin'.

  6. It looks so pretty. I absolutely love the backsplash that you have on there. I know I was only at your house once but I loved it. There is such a feeling of peace in your home. I can't wait to come back and visit again.

  7. House looks verynice. Want to come do mine next? Oh and i would totally eat some ice cream right now...but we're out.

  8. Twyla - thanks! If you can even believe it I did most of the backsplash! Actually, if you saw it in person, you would be able to tell. ha! COME BACK AND VISIT PLEASE!!

    Jenney - a home should never be without ice cream. Right? That's what I tell myself anyway...

  9. Awesome!!! I love it!!


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