Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I have had an epiphany. Actually, I had this particular epiphany awhile ago, but recently it has taken more of a front seat in my life.

I love baking. Love.

My recent baking obsession began during our trip to the Great Wolf Lodge in April. J asked if we would buy him a giant pretzel. I saw the $4 price tag and promptly stated that I could make better ones at home and he'd have to wait. He whined and begged and pleaded but I was not persuaded and when we arrived home I began my quest for making the perfect giant soft pretzel. I tried two recipes that came up lacking. The kids didn't complain, in fact, they really enjoyed them, but I knew deep in my heart of hearts, there had to be something better.

Then Melissa told me about these. And I was done. I have used every excuse to make them.

"Oh, you're pregnant! You probably want a pretzel."

"Oh, you're nursing? You probably need a pretzel."

"Oh, you're on a diet? You should try a pretzel."

"Oh my gosh! You blinked. Here's a pretzel."

Yes, it really is that bad. I tell myself they are healthy, you know, because I use a few cups of whole wheat. It's basically a health food. Basically.

My husband has only aided in my obession by turning these fabulously disgusting counter tops ...

Into these most gorgeous, flat, perfectly perfect counter tops.  

Oh things I will use you to bake for me!! And my children. And husband. Of course.

Come to think of it, Officer Hottie hasn't done much complaining about my baking. It is possible that he is using the perfect counter tops to manipulate me into making more baked good.


Since I like to share you can find the most fabulous recipe for the perfect pretzel HERE. The Pioneer Woman. Of course. And I realize this post should be on my very neglected food blog. Pshhh. Poor neglected food blog.


  1. Umm... I blinked, can I have a pretzel???

    Those look fab!

  2. Very awesome! You and your husband are a fabulous pair. And yummy on your pretzels.

  3. Jess2Impress: I'm pretty sure blinking is going above and beyond the requirement for pretzels! They are SO easy to make - you'll love them!
    Momma Fargo: Thanks!

  4. Will be over friday morning, think we need to make pretzels. I'm a visual learner, I need to see them so I can then make them properly.
    they are the best pretzels ever!
    LOVE the new counter tops! Way to go OH!!!!!!!

  5. I clicked on the link and those pretzels don't look like your picture. Do I have to navigate a little on the page? I am such a cook-a-phobe so even looking at a recipe gives me a little anxiety but I really want to try and make these. HELP ME!! haha

  6. Twyla: I used a little bit of whole wheat flour when the original recipe doesn't call for it so that makes them look different. And I used less butter so they're probably less shiny? I'll email you!

  7. Yum! And nice countertops too. :)


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