Monday, March 8, 2010


I don't have much to write about but I do have some random things going around my mind. Maybe this will make sense, probably not, but here I go ... (I apologize for all the picture montages lately. It might be my new thing. I think it's just my way to get around writing when I don't have much to write about. I guess we'll see.)

Occidental Grand Xcaret

I want a vacation. I want a vacation here.

Allegro Playacar

I would also be ok if I were forced to vacation here. I'm a little bit disappointed I have to wait 11 months for this vacation. But I am very happy to know there is a vacation coming.


I would like to meet Alyssa for margaritas. Alyssa, do you read my blog? Now you know we need to get together for margaritas. I promise not to tell your personal trainer.

I wore something similar to this on our honeymoon. I've said my good-byes and gone through all the stages of grief. But, sometimes (like today) I wonder if maybe, someday, somewhere (far, far from where anyone knows me) I might wear one again. And if it wouldn't send the people of said far off location running for the hills. 

That's quite a new baby. Just over one hour old. 
Now he is 18 months old. And he has crazy that makes him look a little like Benjamin Franklin.
I never knew having a last baby would be so bitter sweet.
It's the most wonderful terrible decision we ever made. 

200559480-001, Douglas Menuez /Riser

Today my husband issued a citation to a senior citizen for speeding. He was then chastised for having the audacity to write a senior citizen a ticket. I asked if he, in turn, chastised the senior citizen for having the audacity to break the law. He said he didn't. He's much nicer than I am.

The End.


  1. With you on all the above except the bikini and last new baby. Sadly, I don't forsee a tropical vacation in our next 11 months. *sigh....honeymoon will be delayed for the most wonderful soon to be baby ever! :)
    Hubby will tell me his crazy citation stories, then I say how I would have handled it and realize I def would not have been a good cop. I would have been mean, :)!

  2. Oh wow...that place looks amazing!!!
    And how funny it is when people have so clearly broken the law find it necessary to chastise our men for doing their jobs. Don't break the law...and we would never have the joy of meeting he says!

  3. People ALWAYS have an excuse of why they shouldn't get a ticket. GET OVER IT. :o)

    I wish I was going on vacation!

  4. Is there a senior citizen discount on tickets?
    I don't think so.


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