Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Call in Sick Today

I've been tagged by Mrs. Fuzz to list 3 joys, fears, goals, and obsessions. Here goes:

1.  Hearing my children sing songs about Jesus. Ain't nothing sweeter!

2. Seeing my husband walk in the door at the end of the day. Sweet relief.
3.  A new cut and color. I'm basking in the glow of newness. Love it.

1.  Spiders. {{shiver}}
2.  Traffic. I'm always worried we'll be stuck and one of the kids will have to use the bathroom. I avoid traffic at all costs.
3.  Heights ... mostly just since having kids.

1.  Surviving the "young motherhood" years intact.
2.  Actually cleaning my house this spring and finishing  painting my living room. It's a few years in the making.
3.  To never use credit to pay for anything ever again. Ever ever.

1.  Getting alone time with Officer Hottie.
2.  Making lists.
3.  Dave Ramsey and financial freedom. We're debt freeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

I'm supposed to tag SIX people:

Ain't gonna happen. BUT I would love to read what yours are ... so comment away!

Please enjoy this song that Officer Hottie shared with me yesterday. 
"This is YOU!" he said. He's so right. Goes right along with Joy #2 and Obsession #1. Enjoy!

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