Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Do you ever get excited when you're on the phone with your husband and he gets all police man with someone? Not excited like adrenaline worried excited, but excited like hot and bothered excited? Before you write this off as my trashy post of the week, bare with me ...
The other day, for example, Officer Hottie and I were chatting when all of a sudden I could feel him drifting. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about; it's like talking to him and then all of sudden I'm talking to ... myself. Usually when this happens I just pause and wait until he says, "Why aren't you talking anymore?" and then I know it's ok to continue. This time though I pause and I hear his phone shuffling around and then I hear him say, rather aggressively, "MOVE YOUR VEHICLE." And then I hear someone saying something back that I couldn't understand and Hottie says, "I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU'RE DOING, I TOLD YOU TO MOVE ... " And the rest I'll leave to your imagination. He actually ended up hanging up on me (that was the first time if you can believe it) and I found myself feeling strangely teenager-ish about the whole incident. It was a mixture of, "Gee, I'm so glad he never talks to me that way" and "Oh my gosh. That is so hot."
In real life, at home, Hottie is laid back. He's kind of the big teddy bear type. When he first started academy one of my friends said, "Oh my gosh. I can't imagine having him pull me over. I'd want to pinch his cheeks or something." I guess what I'm getting at is that he's not a "cop" in real life. I get to see him be the authority with our children, but even discipline is shrouded in kindness and love. Hearing him take charge, hearing him make someone listen to him, hearing him be the boss ... well, it just did something for me.
That's all I'm saying. There's just something about a man being a man. There's something about watching (or hearing) my man take charge. I can see why women are drawn to powerful men. I can also see why I am so thankful OH keeps "Work Hottie" and "Family Hottie" separate.
What about you? Have you witnessed your husband in action? Did it scare you or thrill you? Or both?


  1. I have been on Many Ride Alongs with Mr Deputy when we were first dating and seeing him do his job is wonderful! Because He is a total prick on duty but just like yours at home he is a total sweetheart and lets the kids get away with bloody murder { he has his prick moments too}.

    There have been moments that it scares me. In a high strung situation. The most thrilling moment was during a ride along when he had to go code 3 to a call. Yea nothing like going 100+ mph on windy county roads. haha well that was scary too :)

  2. I'm glad your DH can keep work and home life separate. That really is one of the biggest challenges when you have a career in LE.

    My DH is a natural health DR. When I visit him at his clinic, it makes me so proud to see how his patients really respect him and trust him to help them with their physical ailments.

  3. This made me laugh. In a good way.

    Husband is also on the SWAT team and I still (after 25 years together) get a bit "swoonish" when I see him in full tactical gear.

    I will say that as the years went along, he would occasionally take the COP tone with the family and it required us (me) to set him straight. We're not criminals and we won't be interrogated. You got a question? Ask it. Don't forget, we're on the SAME TEAM!

    Thanks for a smile.

  4. Oh I so relate! He has told me stories before that just sound nothing like the man I know! Tough when need be and Mr. Nice guys when need be, it's what makes him an awesome Officer, in my biased book, :).

  5. I hear ya. You know what they say about a man in a uniform ;-) Have you done a ride-a-long? I like to do one every year or so, because I really love it! Fun to see them in action instead of always being left stranded on the other end of a dead phone line :-) I agree it's fun to see that side of them. It sure fits my hubby I can't imagine him doing anything else!

  6. I've never done a ride-along. :o( OH's department doesn't allow it unless you are being recruited for the department and his previous department wouldn't allow it period. I feel so left out!

  7. Can I just tell you, that had me cracking up. I can't tell you how many times I have been talking to Husby and next thing I know he is yelling out the window to someone to "Move their vehicle" or saying "Why are you just parked in this empty parking lot!?" So funny!!
    We also can't do ride-alongs, as his spouse. I supposed I could ride with someone else, but I'm good. I hear plenty of stories. That's enough for me!

  8. my husband is not a police man but a soldier. i remember talking to him when he was a low ranking specialist and hearing him get yelled for and now i get to hear him fuss at someone for not saluting properly or calling him by the same way. i so understand what you said. not trashy but glad we have great husbands

  9. That's sad that you can't do ride alongs! When I was up here visiting during our engagement I did 2. I must say, they were both pretty slow nights! I think that was a blessing. I make enough crazy images in my crazy head! I got to see Hunter work though. But, seeing him in his uniform, still gets my heart going! Last night I found a video on one of the news networks from last year when hubby was on the SWAT team, I saw him in his SWAT gear. Woah!

    He chose our code word for when in labor and if I decide it's time for drugs-code 3. (Ask OH what that means, I was dying!!!)

  10. Hey...just wanted you to know...I gave you an award over at my site!!! For being such a beautiful blogger!!! Enjoy!

  11. Too funny! I know EXACTLY what you mean! I've heard that voice on the px before too, and my thoughts ran the same track! There have been times my hubby has gone into our yard to see "what was that noise?" or "why is the dog freaking out?" and he grabs his gun and flashlight and will even go out barefoot! I think, you can't go out there! It isn't safe! (duh!) Because, at home, he is the kindest, sweetest, most laid back guy, that I worry when we does that! How ridiculous is that? But when I think of all the times he's had to fight, wrestle, chase, restrain, arrest and search dark, unwelcoming, unsafe places for someone... I realize he's GOT it. You know? Thanks for sharing your story, I loved it!


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