Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy  Monday! Thanks for all the well wishes for our anniversary time away. It was fabulously wonderful. Our children were well taken care of, I was well taken care of and the house stayed clean for more than 15 minutes. I really couldn't ask for more. To top it all off the message at church yesterday had to do with marriage so Officer Hottie and I sat in church and giggled and smooched like honeymooners. Sorry to all of you sitting behind us. 

Last night after the kids had gone to bed I was catching up on my blogs and I came across a new blog, Requesting Backup which I found to be utterly hilarious. She only has a few posts so I read through them quickly before checking out her blog roll where I found Wives Behind the Badge. (Ok, now that I've given her the credit I can't find it on her blog...hmmm...oh well.) At any rate this is exactly what I've been looking for, as far as a non-profit for law enforcement go! They are based in S. California, so they aren't super close, however I feel like they can offer a lot of guidance. I have to collect all my thoughts and questions before I actually contact them as, yet again, my imagination has gotten far ahead of where I am actually at. I am hopeful though that we can have some fundraising underway by the summer. I meet with a new Police Wives Club on the 21st and my understanding is that their primary focus is fundraising and I know that most of the gals from Cop's Wives Club will be on board with doing some sort of fundraiser, or at least supporting a cause. Speaking of CWC, it is less than two weeks away and I can't wait. I miss those gals. I really wish it were more feasible to meet more than once a month. I find that I am so encouraged and ready for life after our time together is over. So in one weekend I have my much loved CWC and the meeting with the new group. Of course both meetings are on Hottie's weekend goes life, right? 

On another note...

The other week while we were sitting at the dinner table Little J says, "Mom, I want to be a firefighter when I grow up."
I say, "You do?"
And he replies, "Yeah, because then I can take naps and play video games and stuff."
Oh my...Daddy has taught him well!


  1. Thanks for the props! A tip about WBTB - I was a member for a while, and enjoyed my time there a good deal. They're really supportive. However, my account got closed after about a month or so of "inactivity," so if you sign up be prepared to post or log in frequently!

  2. hi I found your blog via MrsFuzz and am now following you.
    I belong to WBTB it is an awesome group!
    Love little J's firefighter comment too cute!


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