Sunday, February 14, 2010

When Daddy gets home...

A typical evening after Daddy gets home...

It starts off innocently enough with Fuzzy nuzzling in to make himself comfortable. Notice the runny nose? Officer Hottie doesn't. 

 Snuggles wants some time with Daddy as well. So Fuzzy scoots over to share.

No need to leave anyone out now. Lady Bug and Little J need attention too. Those poor middle children. Notice that Fuzzy is taking care of the runny nose.

And then things start to get crazy.

This never happens when Mom is the only adult at home. Mom does not like being jumped on. 

I repeat, Mom does not like being jumped on.

And still they smile. And still Hottie is smiling. That man of steel. He was sore an hour later.

Happy Valentine's Day. I hope your home is filled with as much love as ours!


  1. From O.H. to Mamma Hen.. I Love You!!

  2. Awww!!!! Love the pics. Hey I also LOVE LOVE LOVE your candle holders!!!! Happy V day :)

  3. How fun! Isn't that what dads are for?!? This mama doesn't like being jumped on either, but my little stinkers never listen, I tell ya!


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