Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wonderful and Not So Wonderful

Today was a wonderful and not so wonderful sort of day day.

Going to church: Wonderful.

Going alone: Not so much.

Finding a dress I've been eyeballing at Target on the 50% off clearance rack: Wonderful

Officer Hottie thinking it makes me look "not as skinny" as I really am: Ugh.

Having a Mexican themed baby shower for two of my cousins: Wonderful.

Having three glasses of sangria: Wonderful.

Having home made flan and fried ice cream: Wonderful. And more wonderful.

My children (mostly) behaving during a baby shower: Wonderful.

My eldest son spiking a 106.2° fever during the baby shower: Not the highlight of my day.

Having three glasses of sangria: Now, with the prospect of needing to take my son to the ER, not so wonderful.

Hottie being able to leave work as soon as I talked to him: Wonderful.

Hottie not answering his cell phone or work phone for 40 minutes: Grrrr.

Knowing that if I really need to get ahold of him I just have to dial 9-1-1: Wonderful.

Being at a family baby shower and surrounded by other mothers and my loved ones: Wonderful.

Snuggle's fever coming down quickly with the help of ibuprofen: Wonderful.

The pediatrician taking two hours to call me back: Not so wonderful.

The pediatrician getting back to me at all: Wonderful.

So, if I'm keeping count correctly, I have 12 Wonderful's and only 5 Not So Wonderful's, so the Wonderful's will win this one.

My baby is going to be ok, although I'm taking him in tomorrow since a fever that high is not ok. At all. He smiled when I told him he would have to miss school. Little stinker.

Oh, and if you've never been to a Mexican themed baby shower, you should. It all started because the preggies wanted Mexican food and it evolved from there. Enchiladas, crispy burritos, guacamole, pico de gallo, Sangria (I think I mentioned that before), virgin margaritas, flan and fried ice cream ... and of course, a piƱata. Other than my panic at my son's fever, it was a great party. I've got a pretty awesome family.


  1. I get that "grrr" feeling too when I can't get a hold of Indubitably. Usually a text with a bunch of question marks will get his attention. Or I just start having a one sided text conversation...

    Maybe next time I will text him, "Should I call 9-1-1?"

    Glad your baby is okay. Mine is home from school with a stomach thing. Yuck.

  2. oh the mexican theme looks FUN!!! the 106 fever...NOT so much!

  3. I freak when I can't get a hold of Hubs for a long period of time. 40 mins would be considered a long period time, too. A Mexican themed baby shower sounds amazing! Who was it for? When my time comes, will you throw me one, pretty please? :)

  4. It's been FOREVER since I've had sangria-- ooooh, that sounds so good!

    I saw your blog mentioned over at Mrs. Fuzz, and had to come say hi. My hubby is a Sheriff's Deputy, so a lot of what you wrote about really resonated.

    Oh, and I agree-- going to church alone is the WORST.

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  5. Since you found me...I came snooping over here. That's what cops do...LOL! Love your blog!

  6. Flan AND fried ice cream, are you SERIOUS!!! Delish!


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