Monday, February 1, 2010

Mama Guilt Monday : No field trip for this Momma!

Thank you to Cop Mama for Mama Guilt Monday...

Snuggles has his first ever first grade field trip on Friday. He cannot wait. And I'm not going. And neither is OH. Because we've farmed the kids out for the week so we can have some alone time to celebrate our anniversary. Alone. In the quiet. Without kids.

"Why aren't you coming? Can't you just come for a little bit? It's just for a few hours...Mimi can take me to school and pick me up. You can just come for the field trip. You aren't even going anywhere! Why aren't you coming?"

My mama guilt-o-meter is dangerously in the red zone. We aren't going anywhere. We are sending the kids away and coming home without them. And we're staying here. But I'm not giving into the guilt. Because I'm dreaming of sleeping in past 6:00 a.m. And breakfast in bed. And not rushing to put my t-shirt back on because someone is crawling into bed with us. And not having to pick any Cheerios off the floor. And not changing any poopy diapers. And sleeping through the night. And listening to the quiet. And not sharing my dessert. And not having to take someone to the bathroom as soon as the food arrives at our table. To name a few.

I hope his teacher takes pictures.


  1. Oh my goodness, a whole week without kids! Wow, who did you find that agreed to that??? Sleeping in past 6am? I don't think I've done that since before kids. Lucky you!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. You go girl! Have a great time. I found you via Cop Mama's mclinky!

  3. dont feel guilty at all! You deserve a break and your little man will do just fine without you. Now if you were a neglectful and uninvolved mom on a daily basis then there would be cause for some guilty feelings, but we all know that is NOT who you are at all. Enjoy the time with OH!!! I would give ALOT to have a few days of alone time with hubs. oh goodness would i ever

  4. hey i think i can finally post comments! i have been trying for weeks now!!! woot!

  5. I remember the first time you guys did this for your anniversary I thought "why are they getting rid of the kids and not going anywhere?" But then I had more kids and realized its so nice to be able to relax in your own home and own bed. I had the best 4 days when we did this for my birthday. And I'm so thankful we have parents that are so willing. I couldn't believe how many of my friends who have parents that live in the same town as them that said their parents have never taken their child over night. Its such a blessing!


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