Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Need

This morning before church I was checking up on Facebook and looked at a group for spouses of Washington law enforcement. I was amazed, again, at the need these women have to find a place to get connected and to belong. It reignited the passion, which was never really dying, about our Cops Wives Club. It also has made me consider making this a public blog, although I honestly don't know how much wisdom or insight anyone can gleam from me, but at least there would be a place they could go to know that someone else out there understands them. I could hardly pay attention in church I was getting so excited about the potential aspects of where God could be taking our little group that I finally had to grab a pen and start jotting them down. Alison had said she felt bad for missing church; I honestly thought it was God's mercy on the people who sat around me because I would have been talking her ear off. Andrea was sitting one row away and I seriously considered, very briefly, trying to throw something at her to get her attention. Since she was sitting between her parents, her father being the head pastor of our church, and I was sitting next to mine, the thought was only fleeting, but it made me realize that yes, I am that excited about our little group.
I did nail down two things I would like to see happen. First, I want to talk to my friend Janice. She is the women's ministry leader at our church and has great ideas and will be a wonderful resource for helping me to focus and stay on topic. It's so easy for me to get ahead of myself...I'm already thinking about conventions for law enforcement wives when we haven't even taken the time to pray together yet. She'll be good for me. Secondly, and this still may be getting ahead of myself a little, I want to start feeling out women who are well established in other church's. Maybe any church, but I'll start with Calvary since that's what I know. I am feeling like we need to find women, who are well established and "safe", who can open up their home to a group of women and their kids once a month. Another area where having Jan's expertise will come in handy. I'm thinking that if we can at least have women who are willing, then when our group gets too big for my parent's house, and it really looks like it won't take that long, then we'll have a place where we can branch out and then start including more and more women. I am very excited about that prospect. So watch out...there may be a Cops Wives Club arriving in your area soon!!

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